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  1. Jon Voss

    Meet the Teams: LODLAM Patterns


    Team: LODLAM Patterns

    Country: USA

    Team Leader: Richard J. Urban

    The universe of methods for representing cultural heritage resources is growing rapidly, despite the multiple standards that already exist across the library, archive, and museum domain. These various standards may address common problems, but there is little explicit coordination among the solutions. As Linked Data Principles increasingly allow us to “mix and match” vocabularies, we need a new way to understand the available techniques that solve specific representation problems.

    Design patterns are a common tool in software and ontology engineering circles that present a clear definition of common problems, identify available solutions, provide examples, and establish links to related patterns. By providing this clear organization, design patterns facilitate discussion about problems and solutions, rather than debates about the “right” standard to use.

    The LODLAM Patterns website will provide a venue for identifying, publishing, and refining what I call “”representation patterns”” for cultural heritage resources. Initial patterns will emerge from an analysis of contemporary cultural heritage metadata standards, but these will only serve to prime the pump. At the LODLAM Summit I will invite interested members of the community to join me in identifying useful patterns and improving published patterns through comments and discussion.

  2. Jon Voss

    Summit Hotels coming soon


    Update Jan 30: hotel info is now live on the about page.

    I know folks are chomping at the bit to make their travel arrangements, and I’m currently in final negotiations on discounted rates for room blocks at two different hotels near the Grande Bibliotèque where the Summit will be held.  I’ll email attendees and post details on the site as soon as these are complete.

    Thanks for your patience!

  3. Jon Voss

    Announcing Heat 1 LODLAM Challenge Finalists


    We’re very excited to announce the three finalists from Heat 1 of the LODLAM Challenge. We had 10 amazing entries, so the voting was very tough. These three finalists earn travel grants to the LODLAM Summit June 19-20, 2013 in Montreal, and the chance to compete for bragging rights and a $2,000 USD cash prize.

    Heat 1 Finalists:
    Free Your Metadata


    Linked Jazz

    Big thanks to all of the teams who participated in Heat 1. Heat 2 will be open from Feb 1 through May 1, 2013 and we’ll be selecting two more finalists then.

  4. Jon Voss

    Challenge Entries now open for voting


    The first round of LODLAM Challenge entries are now open for voting until December 15. Public votes count for about 30% of consideration for selecting finalists, and a panel of judges plus the organizing committee (who don’t have conflicts of interest) makes up the balance of the decision making process. We’ll be announcing three finalists by December 20th.

    On behalf of the 2013 LODLAM Summit organizing committee, I’d like to thank all of the entrants for putting together amazing proposals which really highlight the quality and innovation of work in this new space.


    Please go to the site to check out the entries and tell us which ones you like. The entries are displayed randomly with their title, team, video and short description, with a link to dig deeper on each one.

  5. Jon Voss

    Challenge Entry: OpenAGRIS


    Voting closed 15 Dec. 2012. 109 Liked

    Title: OpenAGRIS

    Team: FAO-OEKC

    Short Description

    AGRIS is a collection of more than 4 million of bibliographic records and it is one of the most important world-wide information systems in the agricultural domain. OpenAGRIS is a Web application entirely based on RDF that aggregates information from different sources to expand the AGRIS knowledge.

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  6. Seth van Hooland

    Challenge Entry: Free Your Metadata


    Voting closed 15 Dec. 2012. 216 Liked

    Title: Free Your Metadata

    Team: Free Your Metadata

    Short Description

    The Free Your Metadata project wants to leverage existing tools to generate more adoption of Linked Data principles amongst librarians, archivists and museum professionals. Academia and companies have generated tremendous progress the last ten years regarding standards and technologies. We want to focus on large-scale adoption of these standards and technologies by making them available for a non-technical audience.

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  7. Jon Voss

    Challenge Entry: Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) Semantic Wiki


    Voting closed 15 Dec. 2012. 22 Liked

    Title: Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) Semantic Wiki

    Team: ASA4LODLAM

    See the Screencast here.

    Short Description

    Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) goal: to increase awareness of, access to and usage of the State Archives of Victoria by employing digital tools such as a semantic wiki which will add archival records to the evolving Web of Data as structured data.

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  8. Jon Voss

    Challenge Entry: Metayogi


    Voting closed 15 Dec. 2012. 15 Liked

    Title: Metayogi

    Team: Metayogi

    Short Description

    The Metayogi framework, developed by the University of Saskatchewan Library, is a design tool that allows teams to collaboratively build applications that model, collect, showcase and share metadata from multiple sources to support thematic research, learning and discovery.

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