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  1. Jon Voss

    Meet the Teams: NTNU University Library


    Team: NTNU University Library

    Country: Norway

    Team Leader: Rurik Greenall

    Team Members: Stein Olle Johansen, Lene Bertheussen, Ove Wolden, Ellen Alm, Ingunn Østgaard, Eva Sauvage

    Team working with linked data at NTNU University Library; creating data-driven frameworks for information delivery. Specific areas: acquisitions, cataloguing, content-to-Web. Use cases: archives, manuscripts, photography.

  2. Jon Voss

    Meet the Teams: WWI LOD


    Team: WWI Linked Open Data (WWI LOD) Project

    Country: International

    Team Leader: Juha Törnroos (Aalto University)

    Team Members: Thea Lindquist (University of Colorado Boulder), Eetu Mäkelä (Aalto University), Eero Hyvönen (Aalto University), Rami Aamulehto (Aalto University), Holley Long (University of Colorado Boulder), Michael Ortiz (University of Colorado Boulder), Michael Dulock (University of Colorado Boulder), Martha Hanna (University of Colorado Boulder)

    Computer scientists from Aalto University and librarians and historians from the University of Colorado Boulder are collaborating to enhance access to and context for the people, places, events and topics buried in World War I (WWI) primary sources using Linked Open Data. 

  3. timwray

    Challenge Entry: Canvas – Exploring Pathways through Collections


    Voting closed 9 May, 2013. 7 Liked

    Title: Canvas – Exploring Pathways through Collections

    Team: Tim Wray

    Short Description

    Canvas is a re-imagining of the way we experience cultural heritage collections online : navigating pathways, encountering divergences, and finding connections. The project visualises linked data for the curious, wandering explorer.

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  4. Jon Voss

    Challenge Entry: LODLAM Patterns


    Voting closed 9 May, 2013. 10 Liked

    Title: LODLAM Patterns

    Team: LODLAM Patterns

    The LODLAM Patterns website will provide a venue for identifying, publishing, and refining what I call “representation patterns” for cultural heritage resources. Initial patterns will emerge from an analysis of contemporary cultural heritage metadata standards, but these will only serve to prime the pump. At the LODLAM Summit I will invite interested members of the community to join me in identifying useful patterns and improving published patterns through comments and discussion.

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  5. Jeff Mixter

    Challenge Entry: Datamodelers


    Voting closed 9 May, 2013. 164 Liked

    Title: Linked Data Data Modeling: Converting VRA Core 4 into Linked Data

    Team: Datamodelers

    Short Description: This project attempted to bridge the gap between the founding principles of Linked Data and published RDF datasets.  In doing so, it is hoped that Linked data can be more effectively used and implemented by Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums.  The focus of this study was developing a Linked Data data model that incorporates popular domain specific vocabularies (primarily Schema.org and FOAF).  The VRA 4 restricted XML schema was converted into a new Linked Data data model using Protégé, then an XSLT stylesheet was used to convert an existing VRA 4 dataset into RDF.  The detailed description of the study as well as the tools developed (including the Ontology and the XSLT stylesheet) can be downloaded from http://purl.org/jmixter/thesis

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  6. Jon Voss

    Meet the Teams: DataModelers


    Team: DataModelers

    Country: United States

    Team Leader: Jeff Mixter

    The goal of the project was to convert the existing VRA 4 restricted XML schema in a Linked Data data model that incorporated popular vocabularies to the greatest extent. Once the model was completed, an XSLT stylesheet was used to demonstrate how existing XML data could be converted into RDF. For the study, the Notre Dame Lantern Slide collection (which consists of 4,150 records) was used to test the stylesheet. For more information regarding the study and to download the tools developed, please visit http://purl.org/jmixter/thesis

  7. Jon Voss

    Roommates and rideshares


    Hi all,
    I know that many people are making travel arrangements at this point, please feel free to use the comments on this post if you’re looking for roommates or rideshares.

    Thanks! Jon

  8. Simone Fonda

    Challenge Entry: Pundit


    Voting closed 9 May, 2013. 219 Liked

    Title: Pundit

    Team: Pundit

    Short description
    Pundit is a client-server annotation system which lets you express semantics about any kind of web content through labeled relations among annotated items, linking them to the Web of Data. Annotations can be shared and organized into private or public notebooks which can openly accessed to build engaging visualizations. And it is open source!! Check out www.thepund.it!

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  9. Jon Voss

    Meet the Teams: Pundit


    Team: Pundit

    Country: International

    Team Leader: Simone Fonda

    Team Members: Francesca Di Donato, Christian Morbidoni, Sam Leon, Joris Pekel

    The team is composed by people from Net7 (a small italian company) and OKFN (Open Knowledge Foundation). Together, with other partners, we are now developing Pundit to be used inside the DM2E (Digital Manuscript to Europeana) project.

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Montreal skyline photo CC BY from Flickr Manu_H
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