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  1. Vladimir Alexiev

    CIDOC CRM and its role in semantic CH projects

    The CIDOC CRM is a compact top-level (conceptual) ontology that is appropriate for cultural heritage, historic discourse, archaeology. It supports generic description of cultural artifacts, people, places, sites, related events (e.g. creation, acquisition, finding, curation, conservation), cultural periods. It is standardized as ISO 21127:2006, but undergoes continuing development. CRM is...
  2. Richard Urban

    Introducing LODLAM Patterns

    Linked Data provides us with an incredible opportunity to re-think how we approach sharing information about LAM collections.  However, these opportunities are also fraught with danger and important challenges that we must face.  Translating existing standards into compliant Linked Data will take more than just cross-walking terms with similar meanings, it also means mapping...
  3. Ingrid Mason

    Curation and Linked Data

    In April I had an exchange with a couple of colleagues Sue @suelibrarian and Molly @madradish about a conference we have here in Melbourne, Australia, on a biannual basis: VALA (legacy acronym: Victorian Association of Library Automation).  VALA is a digital library and increasingly GLAM conference in Australia where we get...

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