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  1. Jon Voss

    Meet the Teams: Free Your Metadata

    Team: Free Your Metadata Country: Belgium Team Leader: Seth van Hooland Team Members: Ruben Verborgh, Max De Wilde “The Free Your Metadata project wants to leverage existing tools to generate more adoption of Linked Data principles amongst librarians, archivists and museum professionals. Academia and companies have generated tremendous progress the last ten...
  2. Jon Voss

    Meet the Teams: ASA4LODLAM

    Team ASA4LODLAM Team Country: Australia Team Leader: Asa Letourneau “Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) goal: to increase awareness of, access to and usage of the State Archives of Victoria by employing digital tools such as a semantic wiki which will add archival records to the evolving Web of Data as structured...
  3. Jon Voss

    Meet the Teams: FAO-OEKC

    Team FAO-OEKC Country: Italy Team Leader: Fabrizio Celli Team Members: Yves Jaques, Johannes Keizer, Stefano Anibaldi “The team is affiliated to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. We are working on the AGRIS dataset (http://agris.fao.org/). AGRIS is one of the most important world-wide bibliographic data repositories in the agricultural domain with...
  4. Jon Voss

    Some Challenge Details

    Rachel and I walk you through some of the details of the Challenge in this video, though all of the information is also listed on the main Challenge page.

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Montreal skyline photo CC BY from Flickr Manu_H
BAnQ elevator/stairs CC BY-NC-SA from Flickr 917Press