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  1. Seth van Hooland

    Challenge Entry: Free Your Metadata

    Voting closed 15 Dec. 2012. 216 Liked Title: Free Your Metadata Team: Free Your Metadata Short Description The Free Your Metadata project wants to leverage existing tools to generate more adoption of Linked Data principles amongst librarians, archivists and museum professionals. Academia and companies have generated tremendous progress the last...
  2. Jon Voss

    Challenge Entry: Metayogi

    Voting closed 15 Dec. 2012. 15 Liked Title: Metayogi Team: Metayogi Short Description The Metayogi framework, developed by the University of Saskatchewan Library, is a design tool that allows teams to collaboratively build applications that model, collect, showcase and share metadata from multiple sources to support thematic research, learning and...
  3. Jon Voss

    Challenge Entry: Linked Open Bibliographies

    Voting closed 15 Dec. 2012. 14 Liked Title: Linked Open Bibliographies Team: Linked Open Bibliographies Short Description Our team is looking into developing an approach for building and publishing linked open bibliographies, including tools for storing bibliographic data and annotations, and markup approaches for publishing these citations as linked open...
  4. behas

    Challenge Entry: Maphub

    Voting closed 15 Dec. 2012. 77 Liked Title: Maphub – old maps in globally connected data networks Team: Maphub Short Description Old maps are a record of the past, exposing features people might want to tell stories about. We built Maphub, which is a prototype Web application that enables them...
  5. linkedjazz

    Challenge Entry: Linked Jazz

    Voting closed 15 Dec. 2012. 213 Liked Title: Linked Jazz Team: Linked Jazz Short Description Linked Jazz is a Linked Open Data project that aims to create methods and tools that reveal the dense fabric of relationships connecting the community of jazz artists who typically practice in rich and diverse...

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Montreal skyline photo CC BY from Flickr Manu_H
BAnQ elevator/stairs CC BY-NC-SA from Flickr 917Press