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  1. Jon Voss

    Challenge Entry: LODLAM Patterns

    Voting closed 9 May, 2013. 10 Liked Title: LODLAM Patterns Team: LODLAM Patterns The LODLAM Patterns website will provide a venue for identifying, publishing, and refining what I call “representation patterns” for cultural heritage resources. Initial patterns will emerge from an analysis of contemporary cultural heritage metadata standards, but these...
  2. Jeff Mixter

    Challenge Entry: Datamodelers

    Voting closed 9 May, 2013. 164 Liked Title: Linked Data Data Modeling: Converting VRA Core 4 into Linked Data Team: Datamodelers Short Description: This project attempted to bridge the gap between the founding principles of Linked Data and published RDF datasets.  In doing so, it is hoped that Linked data can be more effectively...
  3. Simone Fonda

    Challenge Entry: Pundit

    Voting closed 9 May, 2013. 219 Liked Title: Pundit Team: Pundit Short description Pundit is a client-server annotation system which lets you express semantics about any kind of web content through labeled relations among annotated items, linking them to the Web of Data. Annotations can be shared and organized into...

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