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The Great War, Linked Open Data and Chinese Food.

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If you have flown in a day early for the Summit and have an interest in the upcoming centenary of the Great War that is around the corner, join us for dinner at Kam Fung tonight in Chinatown at 7PM for Linked Data, the Great War and … chinese food. (Map here)

(note: just a few spaces left – do get in touch with me if you are planning on coming. )

A few linked open data projects about the topic, including the New Zealand WW1 Linked Open Data Project, The Muninn WW1 Project, Out of the Trenches , Europeana and the SeCo group Timeline and History of World War I.

If we are serious about linked open data, we should look at ways of automating the linking of our data-sets in order to benefit from each others connections. My own topics of interest are going to be distributed name authorities and GIS information about the war. Given the widespread availability of British trench map coordinates and new sources of historical GIS information systems such as the Open Historical Map, there is plenty of low hanging fruit for us to work on.

If you can’t make the dinner, I’m proposing a session on the First World War on Thursday the 20th during the morning session… As well as on on naval / ocean and historical mapping data.



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  1. Sunday pre-lodlam: Linked Open Data, the Great War and Beer06-25-15

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