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Introducing a project to publish the Getty Vocabularies as LOD

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 I am currently leading a project to publish all four Getty Vocabularies as LOD. The four Getty Vocabularies are: the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT)®, the Union List of Artist Names (ULAN)®, the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names TGN)®, and the Cultural Objects Name Authority (CONA)™.  We are on track to start with AAT in July of this year. We will then move on to TGN, ULAN and finally CONA. Here is a PDF version of the most current flier – vocab_lod_flier

I am also interested in advice from the LODLAM community on what it takes to build and maintain a successful community of consumers of LOD versions of AAT, TGN, ULAN and CONA. Some of the discussions that would be helpful to us are:

  • Best ways to host and encourage open communication threads regarding things like issues, comments about our ontologies, offers of help, examples of complex SPARQL queries to share, etc.
  • Creating a road-map for community-built, open-source tools for access, contributing, matching, etc.
  • Use cases from the community



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