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One week out, logistics

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It’s just one week from the LODLAM Summit, and we’re so thrilled you’re going to be joining us for an amazing few days in Montreal this summer.
Here are some details to keep in mind, please read through them.

1. This time is yours to do with as you like.  Aside from the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants Dork Shorts on the 19th, there are no formal presentations, just sessions that we come up with ourselves, so there’s no need to cram on a presentation on the plane on the way.  Come well rested and ready to dig in. Some folks have started to share some session ideas–feel free to do so on the blog at http://summit2013.lodlam.net.  You can sign up to give a 2 minute “Dork Short” presentation on the 19th, but we’ll tell you more about that then.

2. If you’d like to learn more about your fellow delegates, have a look at the Participants list on the blog, which is *almost* up to date. Note that there is one list by names, and another by affiliation.  The names gives you links to full bio info. You can take my word for it, it’s an amazing group of people.

3. Dietary constraints or any other needs?  We’ll be providing lunch both days of the Summit and we’re hoping to be able to have plenty of options to cover all kinds of dietary needs and access and transportation.  Please take a moment to fill out this form though, so we can be sure.

4. 8am doors, 9am start. Because you’re VIPs, we’ll have a special, before-library-hours entrance for you. Please use the side entrance on Berri street (walk north on Berri from de Maisonneuve). Registration table will be right by this door.  We’ll have coffee and pastries starting at 8am, and we’ll be starting the program at 9am sharp.

5. Where it’s at.  Check out the map on the about page for hotel and event locations. Our local hosts have lined up an amazing evening terrace reception overlooking Les FrancoFolie de Montréal festival, an event which is happening all week.

6. Bring your own Lanyards (BYOL). I know you have 50 of them in a drawer, bring your favorite one to hang your nametag on!  Or we’ll have some you can choose from.

See you soon!
Your LODLAM Summit organizing committee


  1. Profile photo of Joel Richard

    Joel Richard

    June 17, 2013

    Jon, Can you check your directions to get to the VIP entrance to the library? According to my map, the route would be south on Rue Berry from Boul Maisonneuve to get to the library. Also, is it Rue Berry or Rue Labelle for the entrance? I don’t see from Google Maps that the BANQ is actually on Rue Berri. Thanks!

  2. Profile photo of Joel Richard

    Joel Richard

    June 17, 2013

    Ignore me, I now see that the meeting will be at the Grande Bibliotèque at 475, boulevard De Maisonneuve Est. :-)

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