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Evaluating (and Enhancing) the Draft MODS RDF Ontology

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The Library of Congress’ MODS/MADS Editorial Committee recently released a draft MODS RDF Ontology. ┬áBecause Columbia University Libraries / Information Services uses MODS as its primary schema for our digital collections (particularly those in Academic Commons, our institutional repository), we decided to actively experiment with this RDF ontology in the hopes that by improving it we will have an easy path forward to migrate our existing metadata into a triple store, such as 4store, enrich it, use it as an authority system, and make it available for consumption by others.

Our initial testing has shown some promise, particularly as the Editorial Committee have already worked to address some of our initial concerns (particularly how it favored literals over URIs); that said, it clearly has a ways to go. As such, I would like to propose a session for LODLAM where we could discuss how MODS RDF could be further improved to provide a robust and functional ontology for the LODLAM community.


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