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Using automation and user feedback for interlinking archives

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I work in BBC R&D, where we’re investigating new ways of publishing archive content, using a combination of automatic interlinking and user feedback. The use-case we’re focusing on to validate (or invalidate!) this approach is the BBC World Service archive, and you can see the results of our experiments in this prototype (registrations are currently open – please sign up and let us know what you think). We wrote about the prototype in a bit more details herehere and here.

From various events and conferences I’ve attended over the last year, there seems to be an increasing interest in trying to get the best of both humans and machines to help annotate and interlink large archives, so I would like to propose a session on that topic. This sessions should probably focus on real use-cases and lessons learned, as well as generating new ideas.

Very much looking forward to attending my first LODLAM!


  1. Chris Hilton

    June 4, 2013

    I’d like to second Yves’ idea! I think that I’m coming to LODLAM with two main issues to explore: the first is the perennial one of “how do I sell this as a good idea to our bosses?”, which is touched on in another proposal, but the second is the follow-up question, “if we did expose our catalogues as Linked Data, what effort would be involved on our part?” I’m really keen to discuss any experience people have of automating the process and/or crowd-sourcing.
    Like Yves, I’m a first-timer very much looking forward to pooling experiences!
    Chris Hilton, Wellcome Library, London

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