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Meet the Teams: Data Converters

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Team: Data Converters

Country: United States

Team Leader: Sammy Davidson

Team Members: Laurence Skirvin, Jeff Mixter

The LOD-LAM KSU Research Group wants to help libraries, archives, and museums integrate linked data into their information systems. The project submitted to the LOD-LAM challenge focuses on the needs of small to medium sized libraries. Smaller libraries may not have the resources, knowledge, or access to participate in and benefit from linked data. In order to do this, we need to create a recipe for these libraries to publish their own linked data resources, generated from their MARC records. Our solution uses existing open source tools and proposes a prototype to automate the conversion of MARC fields to RDF links. This is one of the many activities of the Research Group. http://lod-lam.slis.kent.edu


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  1. MARC to Linked Data05-02-13

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