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Challenge entry: NTNU University Library — linked data 2013

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Voting closed 9 May, 2013. 9 Liked

Title: NTNU University Library — linked data 2013

Team: NTNU University Library

Short description: We have moved a little way beyond data conversion since starting with linked data in 2009 and are moving on with our fully fledged metadata-driven workflow for archives, special collections and photography. We’re creating a lightweight Web infrastructure that provides a modular approach to doing what libraries need to do; we bring the simple linked data framework, which makes space for real innovation in the data creation and visualization process. Providing simple industry standard tools that IT admins won’t balk at having to maintain, we believe that this is state-of-the-art technology: simple and functional, yet providing easy access to a real-world linked data toolkit.


  1. Conal Tuohy

    May 3, 2013

    Sounds good, but the video doesn’t load. Is it just me?

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