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  1. Ingrid Mason

    Curation and Linked Data

    In April I had an exchange with a couple of colleagues Sue @suelibrarian and Molly @madradish about a conference we have here in Melbourne, Australia, on a biannual basis: VALA (legacy acronym: Victorian Association of Library Automation).  VALA is a digital library and increasingly GLAM conference in Australia where we get...
  2. Jon Voss

    Announcing LODLAM Challenge Heat 2 Finalists

    From the desk of Rachel Frick, who’s leading the LODLAM Challenge… It was not easy. For all those who entered, thank you for making this a difficult decision. After much deliberation and taking into consideration the popular vote, we are pleased to announce the two finalists from Heat 2 of...
  3. Jon Voss

    LODLAM Challenge Heat 2 open for voting!

    Please spread the word and have fun checking out the video entries! Many thanks to all of the entrants this year–they’ve put in so much time and care to share their work/ideas/vision and put in for some good-natured international competition.  Who needs the Olympics? As seen on Twitter: jonvoss It’s...
  4. Jon Voss

    Meet the Teams: MisMuseos

    Team: MisMuseos Country: Spain Team Leader: Ricardo Alonso Maturana Team members: María Elena Alvarado, María Ortega, Susana López-Sola, Rubén Vinagre, María José Ibáñez, Lorena Ruiz Elósegui, Javier Altuzarra, Juan Valer, Kamal Majaiti. The team brings together expertise in the development of semantic web, data structuring, exploitation of linked data, faceted...
  5. Jon Voss

    Meet the Teams: Data Converters

    Team: Data Converters Country: United States Team Leader: Sammy Davidson Team Members: Laurence Skirvin, Jeff Mixter The LOD-LAM KSU Research Group wants to help libraries, archives, and museums integrate linked data into their information systems. The project submitted to the LOD-LAM challenge focuses on the needs of small to medium...

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