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Challenge Entry: Pundit

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Voting closed 9 May, 2013. 219 Liked

Title: Pundit

Team: Pundit

Short description
Pundit is a client-server annotation system which lets you express semantics about any kind of web content through labeled relations among annotated items, linking them to the Web of Data. Annotations can be shared and organized into private or public notebooks which can openly accessed to build engaging visualizations. And it is open source!! Check out www.thepund.it!

Long Description
Pundit is a generic web-based semantic annotation tool, able to operate on different entities on any granularity level: entire web pages or specific parts (like paragraphs or single words), images or part of them, with user-defined shapes. It can be installed in your web site or Digital Library or can be used with a bookmarklet, which helps users to annotate any content around the web.

One of Pundit Objective is that of enrich the Web of Data, linking concepts together, creating new semantically structured knowledge, visualizing it with novel and engaging ways.

Pundit draws information from different Linked Data providers allowing the user to utilize concepts coming from multiple sources, creating mash-ups to better express her desired annotation. The user can share annotations, exposing them through Linked Open Data APIs, publicly accessible, that can be leveraged to develop any kind of ad-hoc visualization.

Pundit annotation model is similar to early versions of the Open Annotation Data Model and is about to get upgraded to the latest 1.0 release (www.openannotation.org/spec/core). Other ongoing plans involve a complete User Interface redesign, a massive code technology upgrade and refactoring, a broader integration with Linked Data providers, a new sharing model and more data visualizations.

Pundit, born within the Semlib project (www.semlibproject.eu), is now developed by Net7 (www.netseven.it) partially funded by the DM2E project (Digital Manuscript to Europeana – dm2e.eu). Currently it is used in a few Digital Humanities related projects, like Agora – (www.project-agora.org).


What is the license?
The license is fully open source, check it out!

Can I see some visualization of pundit annotations?
Sure! Check http://thepund.it/apps.php and look our demos.

Can I try it?
See for example this demo example page which loads pundit: http://release-bot.thepund.it/latest/examples/authors_dante.html

or download and try the latest bookmarklet here: http://metasound.dibet.univpm.it/thepund.it/bookmarklets/Latest/bookmarklet.html

Is there a place where I can see everybody’s public annotations?
It’s still an alpha version, but gets the job done: http://ask.thepund.it
And you can check your private annotations as well.

Is Pundit free to use?
Pundit client is open source and free to use for everybody, the license details are still under discussion. An open online server instance allow everybody to save their own annotations.

Where can I learn more about Pundit?
What can I annotate?
Where is the server API documentation?
I really need to leave some feedback, how can I do that?

Check out www.thepund.it!

Photo Credits

Montreal skyline photo CC BY from Flickr Manu_H
BAnQ elevator/stairs CC BY-NC-SA from Flickr 917Press