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Meet the Teams: Reload Team

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Team: Reload

Country: Italy

Team Leader: Silvia Mazzini

Team Members: Brunella Argelli (IBC), Agostino Attanasio (ACS), Ilaria Barbanti (regesta.exe), Giovanni Bruno (regesta.exe), Silvia Mazzini (regesta.exe), Mirella Plazzi (IBC), Francesca Ricci (IBC), Chiara Veninata (ACS)

Archivio Centrale dello Stato ACS (State Central Archives, http://www.acs.beniculturali.it/) Рa body of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and activities endowed with special autonomy Рis the archival depository Institute of the Unified State’s documentary heritage.
Istituto Beni Culturali Regione Emilia Romagna IBC (http://ibc.regione.emilia-romagna.it) is the scientific and technical instrument for the Emilia-Romagna regional planning in the field of artistic, cultural and environmental heritage. IBC develops the IT facilities that convey archives, libraries and museums data to institutions and the general public, promotes and coordinates the census and the description of archival, book and museum material, grants the readability of specific DBs on the web and at present IBC’s working on the standards for interoperability through the use of semantic web technologies.
Regesta.exe (http://www.regesta.com) provides to any type of cultural institution with services and tools, allowing to create, manage, retrieve and access online documentary, iconographic and audiovisual resources.

Goal of Reload project is to experiment with Semantic Web technical standards and methods relating to linked open data in order to further the sharing of data among a broad range of archives and other cultural institutes. In details, this project is designed to verify the possibility to create a “”web of archival data””, by exploring Semantic Web technologies to link differnt datasets of cultural heritage domain. This experience aims at applying Semantic Web technology to create Linked Open Data of archival descriptions and of entities related to them.

Photo Credits

Montreal skyline photo CC BY from Flickr Manu_H
BAnQ elevator/stairs CC BY-NC-SA from Flickr 917Press