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Meet the Teams: Linked Jazz

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Team: Linked Jazz

Country: United States

Team Leader: Cristina Pattuelli

Team Members: Matthew Miller, Leanora Lange, Hilary Thorsen, Jared Negley, Carolyn Li-Madeo, Sean Fitzell

Linked Jazz is an ongoing project investigating the potential of the application of Linked Open Data technology to enhance the discovery and visibility of digital cultural heritage materials. More specifically, the project focuses on digital archives of jazz history to expose relationships between musicians and reveal their community’s network. New modes of connecting cultural data and making them searchable as a whole in a seamless discovery environment would open unprecedented opportunities to create new kinds of meaning and elicit new streams of interpretation. The goal of this project is to help uncover meaningful connections between documents and data related to the personal and professional lives of musicians who often practice in rich and diverse social networks.


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  1. Challenge Entry: Linked Jazz12-02-12

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Montreal skyline photo CC BY from Flickr Manu_H
BAnQ elevator/stairs CC BY-NC-SA from Flickr 917Press