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Meet the Teams: Free Your Metadata

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Team: Free Your Metadata

Country: Belgium

Team Leader: Seth van Hooland

Team Members: Ruben Verborgh, Max De Wilde

“The Free Your Metadata project wants to leverage existing tools to generate more adoption of Linked Data principles amongst librarians, archivists and museum professionals. Academia and companies have generated tremendous progress the last ten years regarding standards and technologies. We want to focus on large-scale adoption of these standards and technologies by making them available for a non-technical audience.

The last two years, the team has been working hard to raise awareness regarding metadata cleaning and reconciliation, which are fundamental steps in order to prepare your metadata for exposure on the web. Having clean metadata linked to existing vocabularies is only the first half of the story. The second half involves developing a sustainable way of dissemination that is able to withstand several waves of technological change. Especially in these economic harsh times, we need to think proactively on how cultural institutions can minimize changes in how they provide access to their electronic resources. Architectures such as HTTP that conform to the REST architectural style employ the resources-and-representations model to minimize the architectural impact when responding to change. Concretely, while RDF can be a suitable internal representation, on today’s Web, HTML and JSON representations need to be available as well, and these lists of formats can (and will) change in the feature. By January 2013, we will roll out a large-scale case study (Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York) in which we’ll illustrate how a cultural institution can provide a sustainable access to multiple representations of its resources and metadata. This case-study will be thoroughly documented on freeyourmetadata.org and presented at conferences in the US and Europe.

Free Your Metadata is a scientific and a non-for-profit collaboration between Multimedia Lab (ELIS — Ghent University / iMinds) and MasTIC (Université Libre de Bruxelles).”



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